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Pooh Schmoozing at MoCCA(ca)

Last Sunday afternoon J and I went on a date to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art's annual comic book festival.  It was our first time at the convention of independent and underground comic artists. There was a fine selection of works to choose from, ranging from well-known publishers to hand-made, photocopied mini books. I won't pretend it wasn't more than a little awkward, since everyone there was trying to sell something. I kept my head down and pretended not to hear most exhibitors when they said "Hi." I felt (and continue to feel) like a rotten passive-aggressive bitch about it, but I needed to avoid buying more than I could afford.  Trust me, if I could've bought something from everyone I totally would have.

As we were strolling along J asked me, "Has anything here really caught your eye?  Like reached out to you specifically?" As I was shrugging with indifference I turned to my left and *BAM* there I saw it: The Diarrhea Diaries.  My eyes glazed over and my shrug became an enthusiastic nod as I broke away from him and went to voice my fondness for poop themes to the gentlemen tending the display table.

The Diarrhea Diaries is a 'zine-style trilogy, chronicling the fecal follies of one Phil Miarmi, who was working the convention floor in a Luchadore mask.  The guys I met at the table were illustrators Aaron DeLaRosa and James Cuartero, both of whom seemed genuinely surprised by (and, I'd like to think, appreciative of) my passion for pooh stories. Perhaps the best part of the work is that Miarmi does not have any diagnosed bowel problem.  In Issue #2 he surmises his numerous misadventures are "heavily related to poor decision making, (the) inability to properly judge (his) own body functions, and a sprinkle of laziness," proving indeed that not only does everybody  poop, everybody inevitably poops themselves. 

My personal favorite story "Oh Brother" comes from Issue #1, in which Miarmi takes so impressive a crap he demands his brother come see it.  I haven't acted on this impulse myself, but God knows I've wanted to gloat about more than a few of the beauties I've produced.

Surf your way over here and here for more info- I highly suggest buying the set for the chronic shitter in your life.

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