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So now that I'm back on my feet (not 100% but still much more functional than I have been) and not struggling with any super-diets, I haven't had a whole lot to write about.  I've had some false starts and some ideas for little web videos but nothing that's actually inspired me to come on here and produce anything.  I realized I've been blogstipated, so here's a long rambling update for you to skim at your leisure.

I used to try to always post a picture of something that could be compared to my latest bowel movement, but nowadays my poohs are looking like Cadbury flake bars pretty consistently. I do have a lot of pics of my hair, like this one:

 And that was only one of the clogs in the sink!  That's some nastiness right there.  I'm just happy I have hair left on my head.  It's kind of nice that it's thinning out in time for summer, come to think of it.

I was home in Vermont for a week, making up for the Christmas visit I had to cancel due to my flare-up.  It was great because we got a good two feet of snow for about three days!  I hate cold weather, but since I had nothing to do but sit at home and be mommied it was a real treat and helped me feel like I'd gotten a proper winter fix. Of course, having no self-restraint I ate tons and tons of crap the whole time I was there.  Everything my mom cooked was delicious and quality, which should go without saying- but that didn't stop me from eating liverwurst sandwiches and chips and dip every day for lunch.

I was super depressed when I got back- happy to see J and the kitties, but really unhappy to be returning to a city I'm sick of.  I had a weepy few days last week, and I think I owe that not only to PMS but perhaps to some late-breaking Prednisone side-effects as well.  I had a blow-out with J, which didn't help (it's all resolved thankfully. It's a lot easier to end a fight with someone when you know they're just as committed to working shit out as you are) and then I watched "Lost" which didn't go well.  Whenever Hurley gets upset I get upset and last week something sad happened (I won't elaborate a- to avoid spoilers and b- in case you just don't care) and it had poor Hurley bawling his eyes out which got me on the waah-wagon as well.  After the sob-fests I finally remembered that mood-swings and emotional outbursts are a potential side-effect of the 'sone, and considering my hair only just started falling out I suppose it's not too late for other things to start up as well.  Lucky me!  I'm going to up my anti-depressant anyway.

I've admittedly been making terrible decision in terms of consumption- I was home sick on Friday after eating two frozen pizzas that kept me up all night puking.  I've also been drinking way too much caffeine, but eff it, I NEED that shit.  I was fine without it when I was all strung out on high doses of Prednisone, but now that the buzz has worn off I'm basically useless without some sort of stimulant and I've never been one for illegal uppers (downers on the other hand...Oh, I'm kidding!  I'm kind of kidding.).

So that's where I'm at.  Just kind of floating along like one of my fibrous turds.

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