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Holding Pattern...

Saw the doc on Monday, nothing too remarkable to report.  I've been pooping less, down to about 1-2 solid movements in the morning, and occasionally a nooner will pop out depending on how much I've had to eat.
I've been holding at 10mg of Prednisone for over a week now, and on Saturday I'll go down to 5mg and see how that does me. 

Most of my 'roid side-effects have calmed down, except I've just started to experience hair loss (no biggie, I have a lot of hair so it's not really noticeable.  Except to J, who keeps finding it in the shower drain much to his chagrin!).  I still have minor shin splints, and my eye sight could be better.  I have also been really, really bad about my eating habits since stopping the SCD menu.  Before starting the diet I had already removed refined sugars, red meat, and most dairy from my regular rotations.  I wasn't gluten-free, but I was definitely low-gluten which was a huge change for me.  And now I'm eating anything I can get my piggy little hands on!  Chocolate and cheese especially.  I'm hoping to get out and buy some healthy groceries this weekend to get me back on track. Regardless, my poop has been in good shape, knock on wood!

In other health news I woke up yesterday with that tell-tale scratch in the back of my throat that says "you are getting sick."  I started taking my multi-vitamin again yesterday, and today I've taken vitamins c, e, and b-complex as well to try and stave off whatever is trying to hurt my healthy cells.  I've been eating SCD chicken soup for lunch every day for weeks, and I had a huge bowl of it today.  I've also been drinking a lot of tea with honey but I just feel more and more woozy and sick-headed.  Oooh, I wish it were Friday!! Not that I enjoy being sick on the weekend, but after my last epic sick leave I'd feel less guilty not taking more time off.

Well, that's it for now...

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