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Yep, that's my hair.

So I've been collecting the hair I've been losing for the past few days.  Yes, I'm gross, we already know that.  I just wanted to see my hair loss quantified, and there it is. Not all of it, of course, but most of what comes out when I comb and wash my hair.  I have a really thick mane to begin with so there's no discernible difference to my appearance in that regard, but it does make for a nasty shower drain.  I try to comb the loose hairs out several times a day (especially before getting into the shower) just to keep my shedding in check.

In other news I've been cruising along pretty OK on 5mg of Prednisone.  I've been terrible with my food choices this week, and I PMS is to blame.  I've been pooping more and with greater urgency (all still 4s on the Bristol Stool Chart tho, so that's good) and I've been wanting to eat nothing but crap.  Not that I don't usually want to eat nothing but crap, but my self-control can usually help me out there. 

I am getting really frustrated with the moon face and acne, and all the friggin' zits popping up on my back as well.  I also have zero libido which sucks when you're a twenty-something with a hot live-in boyfriend.  I like to keep my sex life private, but it really has been bugging me that my little gal seems to be completely broken. I don't know if it's a med side-effect or just my own head (it's very, very hard to feel sexy for someone who's been so close to your pooping and farting eccentricities) but I feel lousy about it.  J's a trooper, of course, so he's been a peach about it, but I can tell it frustrates him to no end.  OK, that's all I'm comfortable venting about on that topic, moving on...

I'm not about to declare myself in remission, but I am getting much closer to where I was before I had this re-lapse.  My energy is still pretty low, but daylight savings must also claim some responsibility in making me sleepier.  I did have some leg pains this week, but I had a bone density scan and everything looks good so I'm taking the leg aches in stride now that I know the bones aren't secretly crumbling.  I have to say, I really miss the speediness of being on a higher dose of prednisone.  I feel like I was more focused in a lot of ways, and in a way much more enthusiastic about things.  Now I'm back to being tired and unmotivated.  But at least my pooh is formed, right?

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