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I'm a Proud New Mommy!


I woke up this morning with a really tight stomach, it was absurdly uncomfortable.  I wanted to go back to sleep, but the more I rolled around in bed the more sore my tummy got.  So I finally decided it was time to get up and poop.  This has been happening somewhat frequently lately, and I've learned this pain means I have a big ol' pooh baby waiting to be birthed. Sometimes the little ones are reluctant to come out, and I find that walking around the apartment while massaging my gut helps to sooth the labor pains and I'm able to pop the buns out of the oven with greater ease.  

I'm pleased to report I've been hitting 4's on the Bristol Stool Chart with more consistency, and hope the trend will continue.  I did decrease to 10mg Prednisone this week, but I also increased to 175mg of Imuran.  I see my doctor tomorrow afternoon, I have to remember to make a list of stuff to report/ask.  I always bring a tiny notebook with me with a little list of talking points prepared. It's also helpful for jotting down notes from the doctor so I don't forget anything important.  

I was really, really tired all week, and kind of touchy, but I'm feeling a little more awake and chipper today.  Of course it's really sunny out and kind of warm, so that could be helping out also.  I'd like to note that I only ever have flare-ups during the winter months.  I wonder if seasonal depression might play a role in this? 

Oh, and I realized I haven't kept up with the cheek watches at all.  I basically leveled off, and think I'm starting to see a decrease in the puffiness.  Acne and facial hair are still the same- did I ever mention my little mustache? Yeah, I have a mustache now.  And my hair is coming out, but it's thick so I'm not worried about it getting to a point of being noticeable.  My appetite isn't as crazy as it's been, and I'm sleeping through the night regularly which is a huge relief.  I am, however, going to bed really early by my standards, and sleeping for about 10 hours at a stretch (and still waking up tired).

And that's that....

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