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now i just feel awkward

...Like we've drifted. I haven't addressed you in so long, it's like I forgot how. So I'll just jump right in.

I've been eating cheeri-os (or their bastard generic cousin) every morning, except yesterday and the day before I ate bananas. I've been pooping pretty nicely, but I've felt a smidge nauseas in the mornings. And I still have my goddamned motherfucking period. I'm fucking crabby and exhausted but I'm not willing to get my IUD taken out because I LOVE being off of hormonal birth control. I should probably go to the gyno, but I'm willing to wait it out a little longer. One woman I spoke to told me she had her period for three months when she first got her IUD. Anyway, this has absolutely nothing to do with my poop.

My poop itself has been coming out around the same time every morning, sometime between 9:30 and 10. It' been pretty consistent and satisfying, but it was really crazy last Sunday, floating in the bowl like those styrofoam pool noodles. I blame it on the fact that I drank beer and prosecco saturday night and then a mimosa with lunch the next morning.

I was farty this morning and a little queasy when I woke up, but things settled down. I forgot to take my prilosec monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and I think that was a huge factor. Today I ate a bbq chicken sandwich with tomato and lettuce and steak fries for lunch, and baked white fish with tri-colored pasta for dinner. and cheerio's for breakfast. and an ice cream sandwich and some chips. yeah, i've been a little piggy. like i said, i've had my period for two months.

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