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My New Litter of Little Chocolate Bunnies

I'm out on lawn-guy-land visiting family for Easter sunday and eating tons of yummy food. Yesterday I had a pack of raisins and peanuts and a small apple turnover on the train ride out here. Then I had a can of pepsi, some Fritos, and a glass of wine once we settled in. For dinner we had Chinese take out. I had a few pieces of sesame chicken, a few slices of roast pork, some pork fried rice, an egg roll, and another can of pepsi. Then I woke up this morning with a tummy ache and dropped two little ping-pong balls into the bowl and felt better. I did a very quick "sun salutation" yoga routine to get the kinks out and came down for breakfast.
My aunt made fresh waffles, sausage, and bacon, and I had a little of everything with a cup of coffee and a half glass of low-pulp orange juice.
Then I pooped again and I feel great.

On a more serious note, I want to reiterate how grateful I am to be able to eat the way I do. My cousin had a co-worker with IBD who found out when she got pregnant- her symptoms flared, she miscarried, had surgery, had the surgery reversed, and almost died along the way. In writing this blog I don't always capture how serious things can get- it's not all ha ha poop jokes and we should all know how lucky we are to not be hospitalized or shitting ourselves constantly. Maybe this post would be more appropriate for Thanksgiving, but since this is another day of eating with family I figure it can fit in.

That's it for now- Happy Zombie Jesus day!! (Hey-coming back from the dead is coming back from the dead.)

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