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Cuttin' the fat

Did I mention my high cholesterol? I think I did. Well, I've been trying to substitute meat with fake meat at least three meals a week. I've had a few fake baloney sandwiches, which are great because real baloney doesn't taste much different. Did I already write that here, or was that something to a friend? Well, sorry for repeating myself if the former is the case.
We had yummy fake-meat tacos last night, and sweet-and-sour fake duck the other night, but I've otherwise been eating whatever I want the rest of the time. Like today I went out for lunch and had a 6oz steak with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. I've also been indulging in coffee an awful lot. Last Friday someone was giving away a coffee machine so I grabbed it for my boyfriend and then drank way too much Joe over the three-day weekend. Now I'm back to being addicted...tea just isn't cutting it.

I've been hiccuping still, but not as much as last I complained about hiccuping. I took a nice solid doody this morning, too. AND that bitch aunt flo has finally been making herself scarce! She's lurking a little bit, but now she's just ringing the doorbell and running instead of moving her shit in. I got real nervous though, someone I spoke to the other day told me she was spotting for THREE MONTHS(!!!) when she first had her IUD put in. Yikes!

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