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That will be the last Indian meal for a while

On Monday I had myself some chicken tikka masala and saag panir for lunch. The only thing is the chicken wasn't the same as usual- instead of clean cubes of white meat it was greasy hunks of meat off the bone- little danglers of fat hanging off the tips of whatever part of the chicken the flesh was from. It didn't feel right after I ate it, and I passed the leftovers off on J and had my own leftovers from Easter for dinner.

It was a sad sight in the bowl the next day. I think I crapped about four times between 8am and 2pm and it was soft (but at least effortless to expel). And it smelled like corn, kind of.

For lunch on Tuesday I had a tuna sandwich on a plain bagel with kettle chips and a cherry cola. For dinner I had an eel avocado roll, vegetable tempura, and a spring roll with a can of ginger ale. Oh, and a zebra cake my man picked up for me on the way home. I pooped less this morning, but it was a little malformed. I also gagged a bunch when I first woke up.

Today I had a 1/4 roast chicken with warm pita bread and fries for lunch. I don't know if I ate too much or too fast, but I was needing to belch like nuthin' else. But I was eating at my desk so I had to try to stifle it. It was not easy. I think I screwed myself a bit by eating too much candy in the morning. My boss just came back from vacation with a bag of chocolates and another friend from work had a container of jelly beans. Put those together and there you have my breakfast. My discomfort passed and I've been feeling better since about 3 this afternoon. J's in the kitchen making me white fish with brocoli and noodles for dinner.

On a side note, if you haven't noticed the "Poop for Peace" ads then let me direct you myself:
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