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Vacation Recap

Let's take a quick review of my intake, output, and activities for the past few days!

I basically made a pig of myself the whole time I was away. I ate everything from turkey to coffee, to pineapple upside down cake. As a result I devoted some serious time to my parents' Wii fit. I played for 1/2 hour to an hour every day for five days straight. I think at best I was only matching the exercise I get from walking around in New York, but at least it was something to counteract my rapid expansion.

I didn't do squat for New Years, although I did get tanked wine the day after Christmas. Other than that I didn't drink any booze.

On Saturday the 3rd I woke up around eleven, but passed on having coffee. Since it was supposed to be my last day my mom grilled some steak and baked some potatoes and I topped that off with a slice of cheese cake. I was set to come back from Vermont, but due to a technical issue with the plane I didn't leave until Sunday. There were some horrible people at the airport, specifically a pushy mother who tried to use her special needs child as a trump card to cut the line (before you judge me know that she had two hours of warning that the flight might be canceled to inform someone of her child's needs- but no, she only brought it up when she couldn't get to the front of the line and everyone behind me wasn't having it either- a big "fuck off" fest ensued). So in addition the dramamine I took when I arrived at the aiport, I popped myself a valium when I got back to my folks' house. I was really bent out of shape because I felt a little bad for the lady, but not bad enough that I didn't yell at her with everyone else. But I digress. The point is, I was having a massive anxiety attack, caused solely by external forces and that really pissed me off. I wanted a cigarette like nobody's business (I didn't cave though). Nothing flames the fans of anger like a rowdy crowd of distraught travelers. The valium didn't work well enough, as I was wide awake until about 2 a.m. I got up at 9:30 and was still feeling nauseas with anxiety. I pooped a little, and it was pretty normal looking, perhaps a little soft. I had a terribly itchy butt for a few hours, like I just couldn't wipe enough to make it stop. I had a little bit of tea and a half of an english muffin with butter. I woke up my college-aged brother, and hit him up for a little herb. My stomach settled immediately, and I finished the english muffin without gagging (I hate eating in the morning). Thankfully the return to the airport later that morning was far less eventful than that from the night before. No line at security, flight left on time, arrived early. I took a dramamine at the airport just to be safe. I was completely starving by the time I got home and made my first order of business acquiring lunch. I had chicken souvlaki on a pita with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber with white sauce, and a greek salad with anchovies. After that I picked like crazy at various candies- sour patch kids, chocolate covered nuts and berries, all sorts of shit that will give me diabetes someday.

So that brings us to today, Monday the 5th. I got up at nine after a week of sleeping until noon. It was painful to say the least. I had a cup of tea when I first got in, but nothing to eat (well, I picked at some chocolate). I pooped around eleven, it was a little soft looking but my butt felt okay. For lunch I had a turkey panini with swiss cheese and cole-slaw on it with one of those bottled odwalla smoothies. Around 3 I caved and had a cup of coffee. J grabbed me a 1/4 roast chicken with fries on his way home, as well as a slice of chocolate mousse cake (I let him eat most of it, bathing suit season will be here before we know it). We'll see what that brings tomorrow...

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