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Would you believe I haven't pooped yet today? I know! Crazy. I've been eating way too much since I've been home, which has been since Christmas Eve. I've been drinking coffee regularly (because I've been staying up too late and sleeping into the afternoons) which I plan to discontinue when I return to my daily routine (ugh, it makes me shudder). I've been playing Wii Fit games for at least half-an-hour for the past four days and my body is achy and sore. I'm trying to counter-act some of the hard-core eating I've been doing, at least as much as I can. I don't think I'm doing anything to really lose weight, but I think I'm at least doing enough to match the amount of energy I exert in the city.

I haven't been taking my vitamins, for no other reason than I couldn't fit all the bottle into my carry-on and I didn't want to bring a bigger piece of luggage.

For lunch today I had two slices of Hawaiian pizza, and half of a vegetarian wrap sandwich (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, green peppers, red cabbage, dill dressing, wheat wrap) with a can of diet (ick) coke. Tonight we're having a baked glazed ham for dinner with fettucine alfredo and i'll probably drink sprite or juice. then I'll probably eat more ice cream than is necessary. Tomorrow I head back to New York, and it'll be back to take-out and microwaveable goods. Great.

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