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Well, tomorrow's the big day! My double endoscopy/colonoscopy- can I be on America's Got Talent?

I was on my liquid diet all day, mostly eating yellow gummy bears, lime jell-o, and lemon Italian ices. I popped four dulcolax tabs around 5, and I've been trying to get this magnesium citrate shit down for the past twenty minutes (and I'm only halfway through the damned bottle). I can't believe they make this stuff in flavors- what's the point? It's not as bad as the last preparatory solution I had to down, that shit tasted like the smell of dead fish. I threw up so much of it I can't believe it worked! I'm trying desperately to chase it with the aforementioned Italian ice, but it's still a hell of a challenge. I'm staaaarrving and am really wishing I had a DVR- there seem to be an awful lot of food-related advertisements on this evening.

I've only pooped once so far, and I honestly wish things would speed up (I have no interest in drinking that second bottle of MC). I'm thinking I might take an extra Dulcolax in place of the citrate of magnesium...we'll see what pans out. My issue is that I'm supposed to take the second bottle four hours before my appointment- and my appointment is at 7am. I ain't waking up at 3am to drink laxatives. I couldn't even if I tried. My body wouldn't let me.

So there it is! Until next time...

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