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The Week in Review

So two weeks ago I had a head cold and was stuffed to the gills with mucus. Last weekend I was delighted to be breathing from my nose again and was impressed by how I recovered without taking any sick time or waking up the mono. Well, on Monday I woke up feeling really run down and I threw up some bile and decided to call out sick. I honestly thought I'd sleep in for a few hours and then feel fine the rest of the day. That was wishful thinking, as I actually woke up around one, threw up, went back to sleep until four, threw up, stayed up until around eight-thirty, crawled into bed, jumped out of bed around ten-thirty, and puked again. The night before I had a mediocre frozen pot-pie for dinner, so I suspected food poisoning. On Tuesday morning I woke up and threw up some foam, stayed home sick again. I ate some cheerios during the day and those sat fine, so I ate some chicken fingers for dinner and tried to go into work on Wednesday. I still puked a little that morning, but was determined to go into the office. When I got there I was dizzy and exhausted and wanting to puke, so after about two hours I threw in the towel and ran home. At this point I was intensely frustrated- nothing was wrong with my pooh so I had ruled out my earlier suspicion of food poisoning, as well as any concerns about a Crohn's flare up. On Wednesday night I had steamed salmon with white rice and ginger ale and it sat okay, but Thursday I was hurling in the morning again. Now I know morning sickness always leads your mind to pregnancy, so I remind you, earlier in the month I had an IUD put in and the gyno verified I'm not knocked up at that time. I called my doctor in the morning, and made an appointment to see her that afternoon. I threw up good before I went over there, at around 3pm. I'd had some oatmeal and water, and tried taking a probiotic, all of which came back up. I forgot to mention there's been a little...goop in my chocha in the morning, so I was starting to consider an adverse reaction to the IUD, but my physician ruled that out. She took some blood and gave me some Prevacid. Turns out she has a copy of my last endoscopy, which she told me showed I have GERD and signs of gastritis. Wouldn't it have been nice if the gastro had told me that two years ago when the test was done? New York City is hands down the lousiest place on earth when it comes to finding a reliable gastro. But I digress.
I cannot tell you how much better I've been feeling since I started taking the Prevacid. I'm waiting for my blood test to come back to see if I have any H. Pylori in me, in which case she'll probably give me some antibiotics as well. I haven't puked since Thursday and while I'm going through caffeine withdrawal I'm not as tired as I have been. I forgot to mention, I'm meant to be on a restricted diet as well: no caffeine, no booze, no dairy, no citrus, go easy on red meats and carbs. We'll see how well that goes.

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