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Drowning in Phlegm

Well, my poop has been fine lately but my sinuses are another story all together. For the past three nights I've been waking up with a leaky nose at 6am. I plug it up with toilet paper and fall back to sleep until about 8, when J comes in to kiss me and instead laughs at the huge white bulge in my nose. I reluctantly roll out of bed, hoch up a slab of lung butter, and get on with my day. This happens every year when the weather gets cold and the heat comes on, but I can't quite tell yet if what I'm currently experiencing is a reaction to dust from the radiator or the first signs of a sinus infection.

Today has been the worst so far. I've been breathing out of my mouth all day and have so far slurped down three bottles of water, 1 cup of coffee and 2 cups of tea (one apple cinnamon, one chai). I've been consistently taking my vitamin regimen, and have even added an extra capsule of vitamin c (500mg, slow release). I think the vitamins are the reason I don't feel rundown, now if only they'd help break up the damned mucus! I keep sneezing and blowing my nose, but for every honk of snot that's expelled another one lodges into its place. I'm starting to feel the tenderness in my glands. The tubes running from my throat to my ears (sorry, don't know the medical term) are incredibly sensitive, and the sinus ducts below my eyes are also unhappy. I can't find any inflamed lymph nodes, but who knows. My attack plan is to keep eating well, drink as much water as I can without puking, and hope for the best. I have a feeling this will be a very low-key weekend.

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