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gassy gal

Yesterday I ate something that really stank up my farts. It doesn't happen often, but when my farts stink they STINK and last night I was producing pure sulfur. I had a fancy burger with lots of herbs mushed into the meat with avocado and cheddar cheese on it. It was a little spicy. I also had a glass of Chilean merlot, and a brownie when i got home. For lunch I had 1/4 roast chicken with fries and a can of coke. I think it was the burger that did it. I also took an extra vitamin c- one of my doctors warned me that vitamin c can give you the runs, which is why i take time release pills, but maybe taking two gave me the stanks.

Anyway, I was in bed and i ripped one under the covers. Then I jumped out of bed to get something from the other room and accidentally released the beast. J was really ill-affected by it, so he requested that I spray some deodorizer to counteract it. this bottle of deodorizer is some fancy shit he got when he was working at a thrift store for rich people and it smells like nasty cologne. I sprayed this awful stuff on my side of the bed and made myself sick and had to sleep in the living room. I actually slept really well on the couch and slept pretty deeply until the cat woke me up at 6:30, at which point I slinked back into bed and konked back out until 8.

I've been in a pretty good mood. The PMS has worn down a bit, my period will probably start tonight or tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will be my last month on the pill and the IUD will work out. My poop was pretty skinny when I got up this morning, but it was the only time I went and I haven't had the farts even though I took an extra vitamin today as well. J and I split a chicken parmesan hero and buffalo wings (3 each) and a can of coke for dinner.

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