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Form Of....PUKE!

Today has been really pukey, not just for myself but for my boyfriend (J) as well. It's got me wondering if we ate something spoiled. Here are the factors at play: yesterday I came home from work early to have a small procedure (see previous entry). I took darvocet, a painkiller I was once prescribed for throwing my neck out, to help ease the discomfort. When my boyfriend got home he was complaining of neck pain, so he took a darovcet as well. We stayed in and ate dinner- chicken cordon bleu (frozen) and sweet corn (also frozen). Then we each ate two ice cream sandwiches because we're greedy. I was pretty looped from the darvocet so I climbed into bed around 10. When I woke up this morning I felt dizzy. I didn't really feel nauseas, but I felt a weight on my gag reflex. I got out of the shower and was feeling better, but I burped and as soon as I did I was pummeled by the understanding that I had to vomit. I strode into the bathroom and wretched up a foamy load of bile. And I had JUST brushed my teeth! So I had to brush them again. I felt a lot better during the day, although I continued to feel spacey. I packed lunch today for me and J, we each had salami with provolone and pringles. I don't know what J drank, but I had ginger ale. In addition to that I had two cups of coffee during the day and a granola bar around 10:30 that morning. I took the bus home and got incredibly car sick. I was somewhat expecting to puke on the walk home. Luckily I made it home and was okay for about half an hour before I spewed. I have gone through phases in the past where I've become nauseas in the mid-afternoon. Usually it's a build up of stomach acid and spitting it up actually makes me feel much better. This is what I expected it to be, but what I actually did spew was a bunch of coffee and poppy seeds from this thing my boss brought in. I was stunned, totally not expecting to fully throw up. Dry heaves don't raise an eyebrow, but full blown barfing usually means something up. J had also come home feeling dizzy and I laid down with him in bed for a while. I felt fine after about twenty minutes, but J was out like a light. He slept for about two hours and only felt worse when he woke up. I had cooked dinner while he was sleeping and ate it without incident (well, as of yet). I had salmon (frozen) baked in butter and lemon juice with rice pilaf and cucumber salad. I made a small dish for J but instead of eating my man puuuuuked! He looked like he was in bad shape when he slinked back into the living room, only to re-slink back into the bedroom. So I'm wondering if it's the pills (they're about two years old- I called the pharmacy and they said i could still take them) or something we ate. Come to think of it I had the runs on Tuesday morning so maybe it's a little bug passing between us.

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