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July 21, 2008

Time: 09:30A
Urgent: N
Description: Formed, average in color and consistency, but soft enough to make wiping a chore*

Notes: 1/2 cup coffee in AM, 1/2 tuna sandwich w/ lettuce and american cheese on a toasted bagel with chips and pomegranate juice for lunch. Small iced coffee in afternoon (hear that Starbucks? Small, not tall.) 3 slices of Hawaiian pizza (ham and pineapple) with a glass of 7Up for dinner. Ate a few Kalamata olives as a snack. The weather has been blazingly hot and humid and I spend most of my freetime in our bedroom with the A/C on. My bowels have been slightly off, I think mostly due to the weather.

*This has been a recurring issue lately. I wipe and I wipe and the tp keeps coming up brown. It drives me CRAZY!

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