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July 20, 2008

Time: 10:30A
Urgent: M

Description: Big thick ropes, very gassy

Time: 10:40A
Urgent: M

Description: Same as before, but slightly looser

Time: 07:30P

Urgent: S

Description: Tight stomach ache, lots of gas, nothing too substantial came out

Notes: I ate too many cherries again. I'm still trying to find a good still of that scene from the "Witches of Eastwick" but no luck. Anyway, too many cherries both last night and today. I just love them so much! I ate them for breakfast and then we went out for lunch. I have to say the restaurants in my neighborhood are getting gross. I went to one of my favorite souvlaki places and there were eyelashes in both my salad and my sandwich. That's what happens when yuppies move in- quality declines and prices go up. It doesn't matter if vendors lose your business after five years of loyal patronage because some idiot with more money will take your place in the blink of an eye. Oh Astoria, you were beautiful once but the Park Slopification has officially begun. But I digress. I felt totally nauseas after lunch, which was a chicken souvlaki sandwich and tossed salad with a can of coke. One of my favorite meals, when there's no hair involved. I came close to puking but didn't. For dinner we took a friend out to a chain restaurant where I had a quesadilla burger with onion rings and a coke. I also had a ridiculously awesome chocolate fudge cake for dessert. But I felt really ill and farty when I got home and made a failed attempt at pooping. I felt better after getting some of the gas out though. Lucky for my boyfriend my farts are more loud than they are smelly. Of course, while watching TV before bed I finished eating the rest of the cherries.

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