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A Few Notes on Poop and Work

So lately I've had a lot of down time at the office so I've been blogging from my desk- for this reason I've been lazy about providing pictures to go with my posts because I don't like downloading stuff onto my work computer.

I wanted to point out that while I proclaim to be a "Shamelss Shitter," a term coined by Dave Praeger from, I keep this blog anonymously for professional reason. Specifically, I don't want potential (or current) employers googling my name and winding up here. Yes, I have had jobs in the past where I was quite open about my poop habits, but not all offices are so fecal-friendly. I also must confess that while I tend to be shameless in the act of pooping, I do often experience anxiety when it comes to pooping at work.

At my last job we had a public restroom with stalls, and for the most part I could poop there rather comfortably. Sometimes another person would be in there and I would just wait them out and let it rip once they'd left. This was rarely a problem except for one person in the office who felt the bathroom was her private dressing room and would spend over ten minutes primping, singing and styling her hair. This used to shoot me through the roof because I think it's only common sense that if someone is sitting quietly in a bathroom stall it's obvious they are waiting for some privacy and you should go admire yourself in a mirror somewhere else.

anyway, at my current job we have private single potty bathrooms- which would be great were the not in such close proximity to the Associate Editor and Executive Director's offices. I try my very best to poop quietly, but sometimes nature just don't play that way. If anyone has suggestions for masking the sound of poop (running water is just a placebo effect, they can still hear you farting don't be fooled) I'm all ears.

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