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June 8, 2008

Time: 10:30A
Description: HUGE fat caveman club, broken up in four places. Would probably be over 2ft if laid out straight.

Notes: 2 glasses of iced coffee in AM. Really disgusting brunch- "crab" benedict with NO crab to be found, the whole thing was overwhelmed by the taste of mustard and the toast was served dry. Large glass of cranberry juice and some water. 2 tylenol and vitamin to prevent a headache. Humid again, felt very nauseas walking home from lunch, spent most of the day in bed with the a/c on. Feeling better overall, but still not 100%. 1 slice pizza and 1/2 chicken calzone for dinner. 3 popsicles, 1 fudgsicle. 1 liter of water. Hard time falling asleep because of pent up energy and my muscles need to be stretched more.

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