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June 7, 2008

Time: 9:15A
Description: 2 thick ropes, formed and solid

Time: 12:45P
Description: Decent pile of fat snakes, some Pentasa visible

2 tylenol in AM for pressure headache (didn't help). Spent most of the morning and afternoon lying down. Slize pizza w/ onion and mushroom for early lunch. Took multivitamin w/ caffeine in it to try to ease the headache, no luck. Amy's frozen mac and cheese for late lunch. Insanely humid out, drank lots of water and tried to stay in a/c. Snacked on red grapes and lightly salted kettle chips. Dinner was fresh salmon and tuna chunks marinated in teriyaki sauce w/ brown rice. Ate three popsicles to aid hydration without od'ing on water and 1 fudgsicle.

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