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Still Sick

Well, you'll notice another gap in entries, thanks to a lousy hospital stay all just to figure out I have mono (which I can't believe wasn't tested for three weeks ago).

So I wasn't logging my pooh, hell even the doctors weren't logging my pooh. I must say I'm glad I don't have a tumor or blood clot or anything worse, but I'm pretty disgusted to have caught mono- I must have picked it up from some asshole sneezing on the street or from eating at a restaurant that doesn't clean their utensils enough because I've been with the same guy for almost a year and I don't think I picked it up from him. At least if I did I imagine I would have been sicker a lot sooner, especially considering my compromised immune system. So that's that- I took a nice big poop this morning after a few days of nothing, which I blame on hospital food. For the record, what the hell kind of hospital serves coffee and milk with every meal? How disgusting is that?? Hello, sick people need juice and water! I'm delighted to be home and hope to keep you abreast of my pooping habits in between naps.

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