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Poop Strong Takes It To Twitter

A few months back I blogged about a 31 year-old PhD student who has gone medically bankrupt while battling stage 4 colon cancer. Arijit is still fighting the good fight, and man did he bring it to the folks at Aetna yesterday! One follower, Jen Wang, was kind enough to storify the entire exchange, which I encourage you to check out. Health insurance is a maddening industry in this country, and Arijit has done a great job calling Aetna out on their hypocrisy and the ways they've failed him as a patient. Even though I'm lucky enough to have one of the better insurers around, having to make every professional decision in life based on whether or not I'll have health care has been a huge hindrance to my life's goals. The conversation about Big Insurance and coverage denial is an important one, so go read the thread already!

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