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In the Dumps

Ever notice Oscar's eyebrows look like a furry turd?

It's been a shit year, both literally and figuratively.

I've already posted on here about how we lost one of our beloved cats to stomach cancer, and shortly after I had another nasty flare-up of colitis which lasted about a month. I was finally recovering, and had gone to Vermont to visit my family for a much needed vacation. I was rejuvenated by the trip, came home to J and our other two cats and then the next day OUR FUCKING HOUSE BURNED DOWN. Both cats died of smoke inhalation (thankfully, I don't think I could handle it if we discovered they'd been burned to death) and we're now living in a neighbor's basement apartment as we get back on our feet.

All things considered, we lucked out. We have renter's insurance and the support from neighbors and my workplace has been overwhelming and eye-opening. We miss the "kids" terribly, but we have each other and a pretty remarkable support network to see us through. My pharmacist took care of getting all of my meds re-ordered without any problems from my insurer. My appetite has been decent, which is remarkable as I typically don't eat when I'm upset. I have, however, had non-stop stress diarrhea for the past week and a half so I'm exhausted an my butt is chafed. I know you were dying to know that.

So that's the update for now. I don't anticipate updating this blog again for a while since I have too much other pressing stuff to do, unless the stress diarrhea escalates into something worth writing about (and I hope it doesn't). See you in a few months?

Li'l Crohnsie

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