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1. Work "pooh" into as many words possible
    My love of poop humor is rivaled only by my love of puns. The more I can make the two combine, the better my blogging experience.

2. Reduce my daily average of bowel movements from 4-5 to 1-2
    2a. Stop drinking coffee

3. Be less lazy. 
    I spend all day at a computer, then go home, slump on the couch with my laptop and watch tv. My primary source of exercise is walking to-and-from the subway.

Well, that's not many resopoohtions, but it's a good start. Especially for someone who share's Calvin's views on self-improvement. What about you, readers? Any resopoohtions of note for 2012?

Image credit: Bill Watterson/Universal Press Syndicate


Red Deception said...

I have some goals for the new year. I try to make them realistic and measurable - but not everything falls into place perfectly. I hope to meet at least MOST of my goals!

Jane Doo said...

I'm sure with your level of discipline you'll meet them all! Happy 2012!