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This Would Suit Me Pretty Well...

Hopefully I won't die anytime soon, but that doesn't mean I can't plan ahead. Although I'm still pretty smitten with the idea of  feeding my remains to a mushroom death suit I must say the idea of having myself flushed down a toilet seems pretty fitting, given the amount of time I've spent sitting on one over the past thirty years.

Thanks to some Scots, there is now a machine that processes your body into flushable ash via a process that is less damaging to the environment than cremation. Via CNet:

"The Resomator s750 is a 7-foot stainless steel tank. It works by immersing the body in a mix of water and potassium hydroxide, which is heated to 356 F. It's also subjected to pressure equivalent to 10 atmospheres during the two- to three-hour process.

The mortal remains are turned into ash and sterile, DNA-free liquid, which gets flushed. Bones are crushed in a separate process, and any implants including mercury fillings are recovered. There are no airborne mercury emissions.

Resomation says its alkaline hydrolysis machines cut greenhouse emissions by a third compared to cremation, and use only one-seventh the energy."

Sounds good to me! But I think I still prefer the idea of a mushroom death suit popping out me-shrooms to be served at my memorial service.

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