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Generically speaking

Really, Supreme Court? Fuck you. Generic drug makers use shit ingredients, and as a result they are more commonly prescribed than brands. But they're not. The quality of the filler ingredients are often lacking, and can cause reactions in certain patients. Is it that big a deal to require generic drug makers to put warnings on their medications when they use ingredients that may cause horrendous side effects?

When I take azathioprine instead of Imuran or citalopram instead of Celexa, I wind up running to the bathroom with bloody diarrhea 30+ times a day. No exaggeration. Over thirty times a day with a bleeding asshole. While this is problematic for anyone, it is especially frustrating when the bulk of the medications you take happen to be for an inflammatory bowel disease and are meant to STOP your high-mainenance anus from bleeding. Do you think I want to pay out the nose for name brand medications? Because I don't. But I HAVE to.

I'm sick of walking into chain pharmacies that try to advertise generics as "safe" and "just the same" as normal meds when something in the fillers and binders is obviously toxic and harmful. Do you have any idea the downward spiral a bad generic med can cause in the already horrendous trial-and-error process of finding the right medication for you? Let's say you're sick and your doctor gives you a generic prescription. You feel worse, so you think that med just doesn't work for you, but really it could just be that the generic doesn't work for you. Will your doctor draw that conclusion and offer you the brand? I doubt it. Instead they will probably give you another generic prescription for a different medication and so on and so on.

So thank you, Supreme Court, for being Supreme dickheads to the American consumer.

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Frank said...

We love your blog and as such when I saw the title of this article I thought you might appreciate it for its one off-ness.
Maybe the worms or the poop made me think of you. For some reason they state they are hesitant to use worms to treat ulcerative colitis. Go figure.