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I've got the power!!

Here's a great little clip from io9 about the power-generating effects of poop.  I'll be rich in no time! I've always wondered why the powers of pooh-gas have traditionally been flushed into oblivion instead of harnessed for the greater good. Well, the obvious reason is that poop is gross, but that doesn't stop people from becoming doctors or nurses or fetishists, right?

I hope everyone's having a great start to the new year, despite a lousy new congress bent on punishing the sick and disabled and more than a few signs of the apocalypse.  Well, I hope that's what they're signs of because frankly I'm not interested in watching my loved ones grow old and die and would prefer we all just go together at once.  Also, with all the nasty medications I've been pumping into my body for the past seventeen years growing old will probably not go well for me, so bring on the rapture!  How's that for a positive spin on the end being nigh? Let's just hope it's one big quick flip of the switch and not long and drawn out. 

I haven't made any outright resolutions, but I have cut down on coffee in favor of green tea in the hopes of reducing my cholesterol.  I've also been guzzling "superfood" smoothies from the Naked and Odwalla brands, and taking my vitamins again.  I could tell last Friday that I was getting a cold, so I made a huge pot of fresh chicken broth.  I made a big batch of chicken noodle soup with part of the broth and froze the rest for future use.  I even cooked up the gizzards in the broth and ate the liver to get some extra iron in me.  I drank some fresh orange juice at one of our local diners, which is what got me on the juice and smoothie kick and I must say I think these dietary choices are what kept my symptoms from progressing.  After a few days of sniffling and dripping I've managed to stave off whatever was ailing me- no sick days, no sleepless nights, no cold meds- I win!

I did have some blood in the bowl the other day, but for the past three days everything has been coming out firm and clear, so I'm not sounding the alarms yet.  I am due for my annual scope, so having that on the horizon also makes me feel less concerned about my symptoms because I know I'll be getting checked out soon.  I actually look forward to it each year because I get to take a planned sick day off of work without it coming out of my vacation time.  And I get to be knocked out, which is my favorite part of any medical procedure, duh.

In other life news I'm going to apply my Graduate Certificate credits towards my MA- I'll probably regret it, but I've signed up for three classes. Two are online at least, so that makes things easier. I'm also working on a few creative projects that I'm really thrilled about- one is a comedy writing group and the other is a multi-media project I just got funded through  I'm going to be a busy lady in the coming months...

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