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Li'l Crohnsie's Li'l Bro

Today I got the following text from my 20 year-old brother:
"hey i just popped my rectal exam cherry i feel so violated"

To which I replied:
"I lost mine at eight you prude!"

Yep. Adults have been shoving their fingers up my butt since I was eight years old. Do with that what you will.

So, my brother has been having some gut issues lately. And by lately I mean for years. My mom has regularly questioned if he has IBD or IBS, and I keep explaining that my brother eats like a goat, so of course half his intake runs through him like a track meet. He finally made an appointment and checked in with a gastro today, and poor baby had to wait 45 minutes. I used to wait for HOURS for that shit. There's a sick big sister instinct in me that's kind of pleased by the ability to be there for my brother in a gastrointestinal capacity. I don't want him to be sick, but I'm glad I can be the resident expert for any questions he has. As you already know, I love to share my poop tales.

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