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I'll spare you, and not post an image with this one.

I ate some take-out yesterday that I thought looked less than stellar, but I ate anyway.  I had chicken fingers and french fries, and a side of garlic knots from the pizza joint down the block.  I thought the french fries looked really sad and old, but I picked at them anyway.

Now before placing blame on the pizza place, I should mention I was kind of nauseous all day yesterday.  I still had lobster bisque for lunch which was probably too heavy for my own good, and a half of a sandwich that had raisins in the stupid thing.  So I wasn't doing too great to begin with.

I went to bed at around 10:30 and I don't think I realized I had slept at all, because suddenly it was 2:00 am and I was holding back a big burp.  I got up to go to the bathroom, and it became immediately clear that I was going to have to choose between sitting or kneeling, or even a fanciful pose that would be me somewhere in between with my face toward the sink and my ass towards the toilet.  Indeed, I had to shomit.

I will say I feel thankful that it was only one bout the whole night, but it still fucked me up enough that it's 2:30 the following afternoon and I still feel miserable.  I feel tight because I had to call out of work, after having just told my new boss that I take a lot of sick time. I always feel like people think I'm faking my sick days because I take so many.  Oh well, I supposed I shouldn't care, but when it comes to my income I can't help it.

I finally took my first dose of pills after forcing myself out to get ginger ale and saltines from the corner store.  The real problem for me right now isn't so much my stomach as my head.  I feel like I need to pull my eye out of the socket to release all the pressure, it's atrocious. 

But how's this for good timing- I have a gastro appointment tomorrow afternoon! Hopefully no more shomitting shenanigans between now and then.

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