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Almond Joys

My friend Tess, author of the blog Super Happy Eats, sent me a link to  a raw food blog that has some great tips for making almond flour. When I was still trying the SCD diet I was regularly making smoothies for breakfast, only to learn that carrageenan, an additive found in most packaged almond milks,  is verboten by the SCD rules. I was really bummed when I realized I'd have to find an alternative until I found this blog that taught me how to make my own almond milk.  Basically you soak a cup of almonds for at least an hour (overnight is better) toss them in a blender with four cups of water, blend, and then use a cheese cloth to strain it.  I never drank the milk straight, only in smoothies, so I can't really attest to its taste.  But it was pretty easy and the smoothies always came out fine.  The problem, however, was what to do with all the left over almond pulp?  Well thanks to Tess's research, she found the answer on Rawmazing. I assume most devoted SCDers have a food dehydrator on hand, so you should have everything you need to turn your leftover almond pulp into flour, and when I think of how much almond flour I was going through back then I think putting the pulp to good use would be a welcome break on the wallet! 

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