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Oh yeah!

Hi blog.  I forgot about you.  Sorry about that.

In follow-up to my last post, I actually did submit "poohlates" to UrbanDictionary, ta-daaah!


Sadly (or not?) there was no discernible difference in my poop that next day, at least not in a way that's as noticeable as when I do yoga.  But it was still good for me to exercise.

Also, in follow-up to two posts ago, I have determined that it was my Celexa dosage making me puke.  I'm now taking half the dose in the am, and half in the pm and not puking (except for when I do things like have crab bisque for lunch and follow it up with an iced coffee.  That sure got my juices gurgling!)  My mood has been okay, even when I do get my little bitch-snaps I try to remind myself to not hate on strangers so much, and try to move past things a little faster.  Gut-wise things are pretty steady.  I admittedly played with fire a tad a few weeks ago by taking two lemon-drop shots at a Karaoke bar.  Luckily most of the consequences I faced were directly linked to staying up until 3am and not so much the consumption of sissy shots.

The hair loss finally seems to be slowing down, but the acne doesn't seem to want to leave.  I'm sure humid polluted air doesn't help. But all-in-all I'm rebounding, and my Gastro even dared to put "nearing remission" in my chart last I was there.  Fingers crossed and cheeks clenched!

Li'l Crohnsie


Red Deception said...

I empathize. Prednisone makes me a moody, flushed, insomniac. Plus, I also lose my hair when I am ill. It sucks sucks SUCKS!

I hope you keep feeling better, though :)

Jane Doo said...

Thanks Red! And thanks for reading :)