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Ugh, if it's not my gut it's something else.  The only absolute in my life is that "it" is always something! Today, it's my damned eye.

Tuesday night I went to bed with two normal looking eyes.  Wednesday I woke up with what I thought was a slightly annoying burst vessel in my left sclera (that's the fancy word for "white part").  It wasn't a big deal, but it was still there the next day and still hurt- it feels like I pulled my eye, if that makes any sense.  But then late yesterday afternoon/evening it started to REALLY hurt, like couldn't keep my eye open hurt.  I called my mom who flipped and begged me to call my physician, even though it was after hours and I'd have to get her on her cell.  I caved, thinking "maybe it's a clot" and "maybe it's a late side-effect of the Prednisone...can't it cause glaucoma?" My trusty GP basically said not to freak out as long as my vision wasn't blurred or doubled.  She also warned me to watch out for photophobia.  I took some tylenol, the pain eased up, end of story?  No, of course not.

Today I woke up and the stupid thing was crusted shut, so I immediately thought "Pink eye!" and called out of work, and in to the doctor's office.  Luckily pink eye it ain't- but what it is has yet to be determined until I see a specialist this afternoon.  My guess?  I clawed at myself in my sleep, J elbowed me in his sleep, the cat walked across my face with her claws out, or my body just hates me and must constantly work against me. Yeah, probably that.

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Lisa said...

The steroid drops are a pain in the rear, but you shouldn't just stop taking them, they have to be tapered down as well.

I actually have had really bad bouts with iritis. I've had this probably as long as I've had gut issues and no one put the two together until the gastro who diagnosed me with Crohn's said they can go hand in hand.

I actually temporarily lost the vision in my right eye a couple of years ago because of it. So I feel for you, just when you think you've got it under control BLAM, here's something else.

Fortunately it cleared up on its own or I would have had to have an injection if steroids in that area and I think the fear of that injection cleared it up for me.

Anyway, the current combination of Humira and Imuran seems to be working pretty well for me (knock wood). Hope your eye and other issues clear up for you.