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A New "itis" Joins the Team!

                                                     This has nothing to do with the post, but it came up when I                                                     Googled "Welcome Party" and I just couldn't pass it up

Colitis was sooo yesterday!  Move over and welcome the new bitch on the scene, Scleritis.  After checking in with my GP, I went to see an opthalmologist who gave me an eye exam, as dramatically re-enacted here:
 From what I've read if my eye issue really is scleritis I believe (knock on wood) that I have a very mild case of it at this point.  I have an arsenal of eye drops, but may wind up going back on 'roids for a few weeks.  At least if it comes to that it will only be a 5mg dose.  I'm hoping the drops will just work straight away and I can avoid taking any more prednisone, but if I gotsta I gotsta.

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Red Deception said...

I hope you heal quickly - no one wants more prednisone! Yick!