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Quickie Update

Trucking along on 30mg of Prednisone, steady so far although I'm noticing more side-effects popping up despite the tapering.  I'm getting acne on my chest and back, my appetite is increasing, and my skin has been getting really dry despite consistently applying moisturizer.  I went to the gym and did some kickboarding and leg exercises in the pool which felt really good at the time, but now my right knee is kind of acting up.  It was actually in the locker room that I realized my whole body is breaking out, that was a wonderful environment to be in for such a discovery.  It wasn't that bad, it was actually pretty empty, but still, it's hard not to feel self-conscious about it.  I'm also bruising easily, and clumsy, so I have a ton of little bruises all over the place that I didn't know about until I was changing in front of a wall of mirrors.  So all the UES snobs at my gym must think I'm some weird, unhygienic, battered trust fund kid to be showing up at their luxury sports club looking like I do*.  I hope it makes them squirm!!

I got my blood results back- my cholesterol is a bit high so I'm going to try to start taking Cholestoff this weekend to see if I can get that back into the mix without affecting my gut.  The good news is my hemoglobin is up, so I'm not really anemic anymore.  I'll keep taking my iron for a while longer though, and keep finding ways to get more in my diet just for giggles. 

Well, that's that.  Things have been pretty boring, which is a good thing-a great thing- so I'm not complaining.  I lie, I'm always complaining, but I'm not seriously complaining this time.

*I got a recession special at this gym next to my office-no contract, so enrollment fee- all classes are included and they have a pool which is what sold me, in case you are also wondering what the hell a slob like me would be doing at a luxury sports club.

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