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I can't think of a photo, but here's an update anyway.

Since this past Monday I've scaled down to 40mg of Prednisone, and I started taking slow-FE (slow release iron) last weekend.  I was really happy to have a three-day weekend and was actually pretty active the whole time.  I cooked like crazy- I roasted a big chicken, which was put to use as chicken salad for lunch all week.  I made a huge batch of carrot soup, and one night I made a meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  I've also been making smoothies for breakfast- So Delicious soy ice cream, chocolate Silk soymilk, a banana, and a big ol' dallop of Manuka honey blended up nice.  BUT now I'm facing a dilemma- my gastro told me to focus more on reducing processed and refined sugars than gluten or anything else, which is fine despite my sweet tooth.  I'd rather cut the sweets and feel better.  But I'm finding that researching specialty diets is like studying philosophy- everything I read contradicts basically everything else I read.  Half the stuff on a low-residue diet is banned by the specific carbohydrate diet, all of my favorite veggies are banned by low-sugar frustrating! How the hell am I supposed to know which diet is best for me?  I suppose the answers are instinct and trial-and-error.  I think my method will be to just be more aware of sources of sugar and allow for those naturally occurring (I really love carrots, potatoes, beets, and bananas) and try to be good otherwise.  More water instead of fruit juice, and water down my juice when I do drink it.  Maple syrup makes perfect sense as a replacement for brown sugar, and I picked up some molasses and stevia today. 

I've been up since 6:30am and I haven't had any intention of napping which is amazing.  I had a smoothie and white toast with seedless natural jam for breakfast, then got some bloodwork done for my gastro but through my gp's office.  I always have fun visiting my gp, she's a real hoot.  She's a little kooky, but she showers me with love and you just don't get that enough from care givers.  I've basically been cooking and doing dishes all day.  I don't know where this energy is coming from.  I baked a really gross gluten-free banana bread with apple sauce instead of butter and honey instead of sugar.  It was a major fail, but I think it was the particular gluten-free flour mix I used.  Well, it's a starting point and maybe I'll learn from it.  I also tried making a chocolate tofu cream pie- the batter tasted fine when I was making it, I'm hoping since it's chilled it's nice and creamy.  I'm roasting a pork loin over fennel (which is supposed to be a natural anti-inflammatory), carrots, and sweet potatoes, as well as a spinach casserole that includes garlic, mushrooms, and a few not-so-healthy things like butter, bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese (although I believe parm is lactose free?)  I was bad a few times this week- I had chinese for lunch one day and pizza for dinner, but I'm trying to approach altering my eating habits the same way I approached quitting smoking- move slowly but surely and don't give up if you cheat. I have a friend in Canada who's having success doing an elimination diet, so I've gotten some great information from her to mull over...though I question my discipline!

I'm thinking when I call to check in on Monday my gastro will try to reduce the Prednisone to 35mg.  Good news, but also scary because what if that's too little?  I'm also noticing I'm having more side-effects now despite being weened already.  Still the same cheek/acne stuff, but now I'm having roid rage (might just be normal rage though, I really hate this city these days).  I've called more strangers "pushy asshole" to their face in the past week than I have in the six years I've lived here.  In the earlier weeks of being on Prednisone I actually felt really serene and peaceful.  I think the problem is the urgency and impatience radiating from everyone else penetrates that serenity and spreads like a virus.  I keep scurrying and running when I know I not only shouldn't, but basically can't.  For what?  To get where I'm going three seconds sooner?Anyway, I'll write something a little more extensive on anger and all that.  For now, I have a roast to check.

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