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Nothing Inspiring Lately

Well, as of late my bowels have been pretty ho-hum. I've been pooping pretty regularly, usually once in the morning, around ten, and none of my recent products have inspired a "Hey, that looks like...!" kind of moment. My period, on the other hand, has been relentless! That fucking thing has been ebbing and flowing for the past two weeks and I'm feeling pretty over it. I knew to expect longer and heavier periods for the first few months after getting my IUD, but dayum! And my face is a fucking breeding ground of small volcanic eruptions. I never imagined I'd be this close to thirty and battling acne. But those things aside, I still love it ten times more than the pill, and I'm much happier on the whole.

One notable thing is that I had a beer at some point during the week and I woke up wanting to puke really badly. I didn't though- but I did gag like crazy. I've been trying to eat a small container of vanilla yogurt when I first get to work, I did that maybe three times this week. I've been taking Prilosec still, and am pretty good about sticking to my vitamins, except for sometimes on weekends.

I'll try to pop out something creative this week so the next post won't be so boring.

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