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August 4, 2008

I got caught up crapping in the morning and was a little late for work because of it. I went about three times, but I think it's safe to consider it one big bowel movement with intermissions. I should clarify that "big" is really in regard to amount, not size. Things were kind of skinny, actually. They looked like a nest of snakes. I've already made the snake comparison before, so I'll save you the redundancy and give you a picture of a really cute sloth.

I skipped the iced coffee again this morning and I definitely had to shit a lot less than I have in the past couple of weeks. I don't know what it is- Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee does not give me the shits. The street cart guy and the deli on the corner, however, are a different story. Starbucks doesn't tear me up as much either, but they tear up my wallet so I don't deal with them often. Now that I'm thinking of it though, I realize that my body is just as finicky with hot coffee. At any rate, I found my way to the bathroom once or twice in the morning but it wasn't so bad. Mostly just gas come to think of it. I had a nice lunch outside with my boyfriend. We made sandwiches the night before and had a little picnic. Salami and provolone on white flatbread with pringles and a can of coke. I had a cup of coffee when I got back and wound up peeing like crazy.

For dinner I had sweet-and-sour shrimp- one of those frozen package deals. It was incredibly filling. Afterwards we took a walk by the East River and it smelled like rotting ass so we kept it brief. I had a nice big cupful of ice cream and then stopped eating for the night. Oh, and I ran out of vitamin E today.

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