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I'm a Lazy Pooper

I've been really bad about tracking my poop lately- out of sheer laziness and forgetfulness. I haven't been toting my little notebook around with me and without it I lose track of when I pooped, how it went, what I ate to produce it, etc. I did a little drinking last weekend and it definitely gave me some cramps for the next couple of days. Luckily that was it, no blood turned up, no diarrhea or anything like that. I'm still taking my extra vitamins and I feel great. I'm eating like a horse, which is a bad thing considering it's bathing suit season.
Anyway, I keep telling myself I'll do a better job. It would help if someone were actually reading this. If you're reading this, let me know!
I had an interesting conversation with a new girl at work who's been having some tummy trouble, and I told her to keep a log of her dietary habits but stopped short of referring her here because...well, she's new and I didn't want to scare her by telling her to read about my shitting habits. Maybe when we get to know each other better.

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