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Welcome To My Bowels

Have you ever had to break your poop down into categories like SIZE, PAIN, BLOOD, and CONSISTENCY? If not, just follow my lead.

When I was a kid I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and was required to log my bowel movements in order to track disease activity. I kept a notebook on the side of the tub, displaying a chart that is similar to that represented here. Suddenly the minute details of your own feces become your central priority.

This is an interesting time to be picking up the habit of tracking my bowel movements again- my new gastroenterologist has confirmed suspicions of my Crohn's Disease actually being Colitis; I have introduced several vitamins and pro-biotics to my diet; and I have changed the dosing regimen of my medications (with my gastro's supervision, of course). If you want specific numbers I can tell you I was taking three 250mg tabs of Pentasa four times a day, and three 50mg tabs of Imuran once in the morning. The new pattern is to take three 500mg Pentasas twice a day, and Imuran has become 75mg in the morning and at night.

In addition to the above-referenced medications I also take one 10mg tab of Celexa in the morning. I try to regularly pop B-complex, Flax Seed Oil, and Vitamin D supplements to help reduce anxiety and build bone strength, respectively. I am on Yaz birth control, and since we're on the topic, in the event that I'm having symptoms they always get worse with my period.

I can say from experience the following things also aggravate symptoms: Anxiety, something in generic medications, over-indulgence of booze. Potential risks include raw vegetables and other roughage, spice, and caffeine.

Also to my experience, I can say the following things make me feel better: Sleep, my mommy, and sharing the details of my disease with strangers on the internet.

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