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April 18, 2008

Time: 08:00AM
Urgency: N
Description: Average brown, 3 medium sized cigars. Got up because I thought I was done but sat back down and produced another 3. Butt was itchy all day.

Notes: Lunch was and Annie's mac and cheese single, bbq fritos, and red Gatorade. 3/4c coffee w/ 2 sugars and 2 creamers. Good night's sleep, but lots of dreams. 80deg and sunny. Dinner was King China Buffet- lots of crab legs, some salmon, wild rice with seafood, green beans, brownies w/ soft serve ice cream and 1c Coke. HARD stomach ache on the walk home. Constipation leading me to expect a slow and loud deflation over the course of the night, but it eventually receded on its own.

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