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 I'd been complaining to some folks in my graduate programs about how disgusting some of the people that go to our school are - a judgement based on the state of the campus bathrooms. There is always backsplash on the seat, more toilet paper than necessary clogging at least one of the bowls, and some of the dumbest, uninspired bathroom graffiti I've ever seen. It was like kismet, then, when I next used the bathroom and saw a flyer for a website devoted to documenting the public bathrooms of New York City. (Naturally, I had to submit.)

Have you had an NYC bathroom horror, or by some stroke of luck a luxury bathroom experience that you'd care to share? This is the place to do it. I'm hoping it gets populated to a point where it can serve as a sort of Yelp for folks like us who might need to locate a public bathroom in a pinch.

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