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IBD Book Club

Most folks with chronic illnesses have coping mechanisms. Over the years mine have included writing, painting, and activities that involve hitting things (golfing, boxing, playing the drums). As an adult I've mostly turned to blogging because a) I can do it sitting down and b) I don't have as much time/discipline for my other hobbies as I did when I was younger. But enough about me, this post is actually about a girl named Sarah.

Sarah is a young girl who has been fiercely battling IBD since a very early age. Her coping mechanism is writing, which she is impressively committed to. When she can't sit comfortably at a computer, she reclines on the couch or in bed and writes with paper and pencil.Thinking back to my last flare-up, I could barely sit up in bed and I wasn't half as ill as this kid. But what's most impressive is that she's written a novel. A novel! At twelve years old! I suggest you check it out and purchase it here. It sounds like a riveting sci-fi/fantasy tale.

As you'll read over on her dad's blog, Sarah has had a hard time finding a safe medication that doesn't do more harm than good. As most of us know from experience, these treatments don't come cheap. Proceeds from buying Sarah's book will help her family pay for her medical care, as well as for her little sister Izzy, who's had her own share of medical drama. Please visit their site to read more.

Image Source: Sarah's Story


Mark W said...

We're already getting some referral traffic from your site. Thank you SO much for blogging us. We are very, very grateful.

Jane Doo said...

My pleasure! I hope you don't mind, I also sent the link to Sarah's book sounds like the sort of thing they'd be into and it could get you lots of traffic:) Please reach out at any time!

Mark W said...

Please send the link to any and all likely places, but don't feel obligated. The more eyes, the better.

Thank you again. I've added your blog to our sidebar.