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Loose stool and other musings

On the heels of a poorly digested salad, here are two musings:

1.) Why does loose poop feel worse coming out? Doesn't it stand to reason that a watery poop should take less effort to expel and thus should be less irritating? Obviously that's not how it works, but it makes me wonder.

2.) I've also had another pressing question on my mind lately: what came first- "stool" as in a stool you sit on, or "stool" as in feces? And who decided "stool" was a good term for poop anyway?

In addition to these pressing questions, here's an update: last week I finally got my butt over to my GI for my annual scopes. The good news is there's no indication of active disease, which spells r-e-m-i-s-s-i-o-n! There is, however, a fair amount of scar tissue in my bowel, and some GERD going on upstairs. But all-in-all things are going way better than this time last year. My blogging will probably continue to be slow since there's not a whole lot to report on lately (and I'm a little overwhelmed between work, grad school and volunteer stuff).

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