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I'm Actually Pretty Lucky

So this is a rough draft guideline of a portrait I conceived of during the peak of my relapse whilst I was throwing myself a pity-party.  I was curled up in a ball in bed feeling sorry for myself, and had to reel myself in by reminding myself how lucky I am to a) have a job to be home sick from b) have short term disability to rely on and c) have FMLA to cover my ass as well. Not to mention the support and love of J and my family (I almost had to beat my mother away with a stick to keep her from visiting while I was too sick for her to be here).  And I started thinking about what a miserable whiner I can be, and this is the image that came to my mind.  A spoiled brat weeping a bejeweled tear while moping in bed and suckling a lobster tail.  It's a work in progress, but it still sums up how I feel about myself when I get too mopey.

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