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CHEEK WATCH 3 (and some other updates)

Ah, what a fine new chin I have growing in behind the first one!  Honestly, if this is the worst of the side-effects, I'll be quite happy.  I've noticed my legs hurt less now, I think going in to work and having to walk more has actually been good for me.  I've had to really work on my mental state when coming and going, reminding myself not to rush and that there will always be another train and that if the subway stops between stations it's not cause to panic.  Usually when I get stuck somewhere I think "Oh great, what if I have to poop?" and that is immediately followed by "I do have to poop- right now! ohnoohnoohnoohno..." and then the panic makes my stomach cramp so I really do start to have to poop and I can really only blame myself.  That hasn't happened yet this flare-up, and hopefully it won't. SERENITY NOW!

Last night J and I went out for dinner for the first time since this all started and it was really nice to be out.  I was nervous about eating a restaurant meal and needing to run to the restaurant bathroom, but everything went over okay.  We went to a southwestern place, which had me a little nervous- it wouldn't have been my first choice for my first meal out, but they were offering free movie tickets to "Legion" for next week and well, we couldn't pass that up.  Luckily I was able to order my meal (crab quesadilla) with no chiles so it was nice and mild.  I ate too many salty corn chips (I really need to curb the salt while I'm on the 'sone) and we split a little cheesecake.  I was worried all the cheese would mess up my tummy, but I've been pooping the same as I have been for the past few weeks (still little like popcorn chicken, but solid and brown at least).  I did wake up at five this morning with really bad heartburn, so I took my Prilosec early and was wired until eight when I finally dozed back off.

Hoping to utilize some new kitchenware today by cooking dinner for friends.  I'm starting to research and collect more gluten-free recipes to incorporate into my diet, just to try, you'll see a new link in the blog roll for a blog that seems pretty resourceful. If you have any suggestions, let me know!


Matt LaBee said...

Hey! I am loving reading this blog!! I have a great recipe for a gluten-free flour mix. It seems perfect at replacing all-purpose flour in any baking I've used it for. Let me know if you're interested! xoxo

Jane Doo said...

Yes, definitely interested! I'm so glad you're reading!! I made gluten-free pumpkin pie cake and it was delicious but make me pooooop so, so much! it was worth it tho.