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Like Protein Strands Afloat

I was a little thrown off when I made my first post-procedure boom-boom. Usually when I clear my system out like that the first doody to follow is a winner. But this time it was slick and webby, suspended in the bowl like rotting lilypads on a murky pond. I admit I made some odd food choices- my first meal when I finally woke up the afternoon after my exploratory I ate a gross chesseburger, and a baked potato with cheese and broccoli. I was compelled to order from the diner because I was dying for a vanilla milkshake. So it's not really a surprise things were a little funny in the bowl the next day.

I starte taking Prilosec again, in the morning when I first get to work. I gag a little bit in the mornings still, but I haven't spit up any bile since early last week. I re-upped on vitamins, and I expected my mood to perk up a bit but I've actually been quite crabby and irritable. Last weekend I ate nothing but candy for the first half of Saturday and Sunday, and I ended both days in total bitch mode. The rest of the week's been pretty good though. My poop regrouped around Monday, and things have been smoother since then.

Actually, yesterday we had a business lunch and I ate an endive salad that didn't sit too well. It probably didn't help that I combined it with French onion soup and coffee. I wound up shitting three times between lunch and dinner, the second round of which gave me a terrible case of fire hole. That didn't come between me and the pulled-pork sandwich I ate for dinner. Have I mentioned that I gained twenty pounds?

Today I had sweet and sour shrimp for lunch served on white rice, and about three bottles of water throughout the day. I'm waiting on a loaded baked potato (loaded mean slathered in cheese, bacon, and broccoli) and a vanilla milkshake. Writing that first paragraph put a taste in my mouth.

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