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Ya know, instead of HO HO HO? Whatever.

It's resolution time, and I've got two in relation to this blog.
1) update more
2) start calling a spade a spade- I've been re-diagnosed with colitis a few times over the past three years, and yet I STILL call myself a patient of Crohn's Disease. I resolve to start saying "Colitis" instead.

Hopefully I'll be more inspired to inform you all as to the comings and goings of stuff through my digestive system. Come mid-January I'm going in for an endoscopy paired with a colonoscopy, and we all know how exciting that can be! My pooh's been pretty steady and good looking for quite some time now, but I'm over due for an investigative procedure, and considering some of the esophogal discomfort I've been having lately I felt it prudent to get a good look in there too. A camera for every hole! Well, almost. Maybe I should get my gynecologist in on the fun to round things out.

So there it is. I'll do my best to live up to these resolutions, starting now:

Today we woke up at 11. We flew in (Vermont from New York) through some rough wind, and I puked before we even left the ground thanks to a stop-and-go cabride to the airport. I popped two Dramamine to keep my shit together for the rest of the trip. For breakfast I had a small cup of coffee (which I quit about a month ago) two sausages dipped in maple syrup, a few bites of scrambled egg, and a small cinnamon bun. For dinner we're having something called seafood neuberg, which is lobster meat and shrimp in a cream sauce, served over crepes with rice and green beans on the side. I plan to eat dessert, which will consist of black forest cake and ice cream. I haven't pooped yet today, but I'm sure I will.

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