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July 14, 2008

Time: 09:30A
Urgent: S
Description: One or two little balls that dissolved, leaving creating a fluffy residue in the water

Notes: I had a little discomfort, probably from drinking vodka tonics yesterday. Humidity doesn't help either (it always makes my doody softer). I had a cup of coffee in the am and leftover vegetarian food with cranberry juice for lunch. I ate a popsicle when I got home and had half a tuna sandwich with tuna and american cheese, kettle chips, and cherry coke for dinner. On a side note, I've been consistent with my vitamins but have not been taking my probiotics for a couple of weeks now- for no other reason than they're refrigerated and I forget they're in there (most of my personal pharmacy is on my dresser in my closet). I haven't noticed a difference to be honest.

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