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A few notes:

1: When you see any mention of coffee please assume it is with at least two sugars and two bitty cups of creamer.

2: I tend to keep a box of Nature Valley granola bars at my desk for "breakfast." I've never been a breakfast person, but since I've been drinking coffee lately I feel it's important to put something in my stomach to absorb it. You can safely assume I'm referring to honey nut or mixed berry.
3. I only mention things like weather if I feel they are important enough to note. You will notice I note very warm weather- this is because humidity tends to make me feel sick. On the other hand, extreme cold makes me depressed which makes me sick so come winter I will probably note the weather more often then as well.

4. I just realized I never note when I drink water. I keep a watter bottle at my desk and try to get through it at least once during the day. I'll try to keep closer tabs on it and relay that information back here.

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